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Inter continental Association of Lawyers has been formed to bring unity among the Advocates practicing in different courts of India as well as Advocates of the world because strength lies in Unity and the said Bar Association will endeavor not only to solve the problems of the Advocates in India but also will take active steps in solving the various domestic problems of the country and also will endeavor to minimize the international problems because the Advocates are not only the law knowing persons of the world but are also in larger strength in their number as compared to any other organization.

The freedom struggle for this Country was led by an Advocate and after the achievement of freedom the first Prime Minister of India was also an Advocate and the Advocates of the country have played major role in the Governments at the Centre and at the States. The International Bar Association of India will endeavor to achieve the following goals:

(i) It will bring all the Advocates of India under one banner to achieve their Unity.

(ii) It will endeavor to solve the major problems of the Advocates by opening the State level and District level units.

(iii) It will endeavor to maintain quality and competency of the Advocates through proper coordination/control on the law schools of the country and will also maintain discipline in the different courts and will endeavor to have healthy Bar and Bench relationship.
(iv) It will endeavor to provide competent advocates to the Govt. organizations and private organizations on demand for various courts of the country.

(v) It will endeavor to solve the problems relating to opening up of new courts and the new High Court Benches.

(vi) It will endeavor to bring uniformity in listing, plaint format and Court fee throughout India.
(vii) It will endeavour to advise the Governments of the different countries including the Government of India and the State governments regarding solutions to the major problems of the country and international problems.

(viii) It will endeavour to solve the major international problems like territorial water disputes, border disputes, air disputes, refugee problems, pollution problems and terrorism and will try to achieve international peace.

(ix) It will endeavour to see that the natural resources including the atomic energy and solar power is utilized for the betterment of the humanity across the global.

(x) It will endeavor to save the constitutional provisions of India and other countries to solve the basic human problems and problems of other living beings present on earth in air and in water and will try to save the values of liberty, fraternity and equality of the living beings of the globe and will try to implement the provisions of Constitutionalism and democracy over the earth.

(xi) It will endeavor to give appropriate advise to the United Nations Organisation for solving various problems of the world with more emphasis on air and water pollution, save humanity from various communicable and non-communicable diseases, and International terrorism by creating confederation of the States to achieve International faith, humanity and cooperation of different people ---- THE STEPS TOWARDS INTERNATIONAL PEACE